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LC1251.tar.gz CP1251 locale files for ru_RU.CP1251 and uk_UA.CP1251 for FreeBSD 4.x
auich4.patch OpenBSD realy simple patch - enable support for ICH4 audio, applied by to OpenBSD source tree.
auth-ldap.php.gz External authentication scprip for OpenVPN with LDAP support.
bgpacld-src-1.0.0.tar.gz GPL Cisco Automatic ACL generator. Home page. Generate access lists on based on information it receives from BGP peer.
ddetect.tgz Fast comand line web server access log analyser. Usefull to detect DOS attacks.
exim-4.77-10.src.rpm Exim 4.77 SRPM for CentOS 5.7
fxp.patch OpenBSD: unbrake vlan support for some of Intel EtherExpress variants. Fixed in OpenBSD 3.8.
htpasswd2.tar.gz Blowfish-enhanced htpasswd. Compatible with Apache httpd on *BSD systems and major of Linux distributions. Part of OpenBSD since 3.8.
mailsh.tgz mailsh - /bin/sh replacement to use with mini_sendmail for php/chrooted environments. php mail() function needs /bin/sh to start sendmail. If you don't want to have a full /bin/sh inside your chroot - here is the tool for you. To install it you must compile mailsh and copy it and mini_sendmail to your $CHROOT/bin directory. Your chrooted bin must look like this:
bin/sh <- mailsh
Don't forget to change sendmail_path = /bin/mini_sendmail in your php.ini
mysql_ping.tgz MySQL: command line tool to check if mysql server is alive. Used in some of my scripts.
patch.v2.tar.gz OpenBSD AGP driver port from NetBSD - before it was shaped by Now part of OpenBSD 3.2 code.
pfscandetect-1.0.1.tgz OpenBSD/FreeBSD pflogd(8) analizer, can detect TCP SYN scans and Nmap probes. You may need to start pflogd with -s 1500 to work.
post.txt A copy of my post to with a fix of UDP splx() bug. Fixed in OpenBSD 2.8.
ps_all.patch OpenBSD: Adds FreeBSD-like "kern.show_all_processes" sysctl - don't show to non-wheel users processes executed by others.
py-MySQL-1.4_1.tgz Updated FreeBSD port of python to MySQL interface. Make it work with mysql-40-client How to compile 64bit GNU software under Sun Solaris 10 on amd64 using Sun C compiler and not to get "wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32"
udpproxy-src-1.6.tar.gz GPL UDP proxy. Home page.